I’ve been working on spreading the newspaper column a little this week. Recently I have urged editors to consider Grape Sense as an online exclusive.

Frankly, I’m surprised more haven’t gone that route. Newspapers are pinched for space on the printed page for economic reasons I totally understand. And don’t get me wrong, I love the column on the printed page.

But online I can make the column more interactive with live links. And having spent the better part of more than 20 years in the newspaper business, I know I’d be driving original content to my website if I was an editor today!

Editor Kelly Hawes of the Logansport Pharos-Tribune picked up Grape Sense today for the newspaper’s website. I’m very happy to be adding the column for all those Logansport Berries (local high school nickname)!

I could rant on about the newspaper business and newspaper websites, but this is about the grape juice.

On that topic, I had a great lunchtime meeting today with David Mirassou. David is the 6th generation of his family in the wine business. You’ll see the yellow and black Mirassou label in many markets and wine shops. Mirassou is a value label that makes a consistently good product.

I’ll be writing about that visit in the coming weeks and I’m sure I’ll have something up on this blog as well.

Meanwhile, welcome aboard Logansport!

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