I have trouble finding nice Italian red wine that I really enjoy for my pasta dishes. I picked up two bottles late last week in Indianapolis, this one from Cork and Cracker’s north store bordering Zionsville and Fishers.

The Caldora 2007 Montepulciano d Abruzzo was a very pleasant surprise! I paid a very reasonable $11.99 for this bottle and found it online anywhere from $9-$14. It’s 13.5 percent alcohol so the burn won’t over power your dinner or knock you into the back of your chair.

It had a blackish color and a nice earthy scent of dark fruit. The acidity and finish was relatively mild. Not a complicated wine but I think it would hold up nice to big flavored dishes! It’s definitely a “full-bodied” wine and well balanced. Those who like big red Italians will find fault with the soft tannins. But this bottle is something I think I’d heartily recommend for those who want to try an approachable Italian.

I enjoyed this wine with pasta and then a little chocolate. It held its own very nice to the mildly-spiced dinner dish and some 70 percent cocoa chocolate.

One other thing I definitely noticed was this wine needs some air. Some wines change very little after opening and some change a lot. This one really improved with some time out of the bottle.

I scrounged around and believe I found some information about this winery. And here is some good information on the grape.

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