The only thing tougher than getting a Chardonnay drinker to try other white wines might be getting a red wine drinker to try white.

I’d suggest to both groups they try a Sauvignon Blanc. This crisp, citrus-flavored wine often has a zip that is perfect with seafood and chicken. It’s lighter than a red but not as rich or sweet as many whites.

I opened a Nobilo 2008 Sauv Blanc last night with some grilled shrimp. It’s a very nice inexpensive bottle of wine. Sauv Blanc often has a lemon, line, grassy, citrus, and minerality type of flavor. Sauv Blanc can be acidic to very acidic to your taste.

This wine comes from New Zealand, a country that has really distinguished itself for value Sauv Blanc and Pinot Noir. I liked the citrus/grapefruit flavors of the Nobilo. The acidity was light in this one but the wine had a lasting finish I could really enjoy! And it has big aromatic citrus nose.

Try some Sauv Blanc with your grilled summer seafood or chicken. The acidity provides just the right balance to the sweetness of seafood.

There are great Sauv Blancs from lots of different countries. It’s a good wine to explore and discover the differences from winery to winery and continent to continent!

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