I had a taste for seafood today but being in landlocked Indiana the best you can do is the local markets’ fresh frozen (isn’t that an oxymoron?) department.

I didn’t find anything that looked appetizing but they did have some cooked shrimp that looked nice enough so I bought a pound. I brought it home and cleaned it up, gave it light splash of olive oil, fresh squeezed lime, some salt, pepper and garlic powder and threw it on the Bar-Bee … I don’t know how the Australians spell that, so I did it phonetically! Ha!

Ok, I had to make a wine decision. I’ve been buying some whites this spring and generally whites go best with seafood or chicken. So I picked out a bottle of 2007 Pascual Toso Torrontes.

Torrontes is the most widely grown white grape in Argentina and Pascual Toso has drawn raves for its Malbec so I thought this $11 bottle was a sure thing.

See where this is headed?

Frankly, my first Torrontes proved to be disappointing. First it didn’t have the necessary acidity and balance to hold up to my yummy shrimp. A nice Sauvignon Blanc would have worked much better.

This was my first Torrontes so I’ll definitely buy more and maybe this was just one less-than-stellar bottle. But it wasn’t bad, just not to my taste. It had a rich fruit flavor which to me was odd. When I think of the word ‘rich’ in wines I think of big red wines with a nice balanced tannic finish.

Additionally, there wasn’t much going on with the nose of this white and usually you get some citrus or something. It was medium bodied, initially pretty sweet, and not as much acid as I wanted or expected on the finish.

Looking at online reviews I found a lot of lower to mid 80 ratings. I definitely will try more Torrontos because I’m a big fan of Argentina’s wines. But I may buy some different producers Torrontos next time.

It’s not bad and will fit some tastes at $7-99-$12.95 … but just disappeared against my lightly-seasoned shrimp!

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