I opened a bottle of my Oregon Pinot Noir stash last night with a friend and enjoyed every sip. This was a winery I visited in 2008 at the end of a long day.

Vista Hills in the Dundee Hills region has a beautiful “treehouse” tasting room and incredible view off a back deck of their vineyards and the Willamette Valley.

Again, this is not a price-point wine I normally write about but I share these as my all time favorite wines. Oregon Pinot Noir has really become one of my favorite treats. This wine, depending on vintage, is a $40 bottle of Pinot.

It has a big, big nose in the glass. It also had the familiar “barnyard stank” for those of you who like a good stinky Pinot Noir. My experience is the more they stink they better they’re going to taste. This one didn’t disappoint. It was a big fruity Pinot with something of an uneven finish I couldn’t quite get my finger on. But darn fine Pinot Noir regardless!

The wines come from Burgundy Pinot Noir clones from France. The winery owners are also very involved in a foundation set up to assist college students. They have an internship program for college students interest in the wine business. You can find a lot about them on the internet and at their website here.

As I’ve said before, you might not find Vista Hills and you might not be ready to put down $40 for a bottle of Pinot. But try an Oregon Pinot Noir the next chance you get!

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