I’ve never bought a lot of French wine, at least not from Bordeaux.

I do enjoy the Cotes’ du Rhone syrah and grenache blends. And I’ve occasionally picked up a Tavel dry Rose’.

But a student-friend was going to France for a week so I gave him $25 and told him to bring back whatever it would buy. I’m grateful he used his logical and critical thinking skills to go to a Paris wine shop and take the owner’s recommendation.

For just under $25, he brought back a Cassini Saint-Emilion 2005 Bordeaux wine. For the relative newcomers to wine, you must understand that some years are much better than others for the grape crop. And in France, 2005 has been hailed as a great year.

These wines normally need some aging and this one could have stayed in the rack a little longer. But it was a nice smooth Bordeaux with a balanced finish. While not being a big wine, it was a very nice smooth and well-crafted glass of grape juice!

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