I picked up the bottle of dry Rose I opened tonight at Sahara Mart in Bloomington. If you ever have reason to be downtown, you have got to stop by this unique market.

I purchased, for a very reasonable $10.95, a Rose de Pavie Macquin. This was a nicely balanced and very fruity dry rose. I’ve seen the word “juicy” to describe some wines and this was first one I’ve had in long time that I’d use that word. It’s very pleasant across the palate.

I love the beautiful Valentine’s Day red color of this nice wine.

It’s a Bordeaux blend rose’ from Pavie Macquin. I couldn’t find the grapes anywhere on the web but the more I sipped the less I cared!

It’s a soft and lighter style rose that is awesome well chilled. It would be great on a summer day.

If you haven’t dived into dry rose, buy some today. Sales have skyrocketed in recent years and any decent wine shop will have plenty of choices. Explore them all!

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