Maybe I’m just easily bored? Ha! I recently bought a few different bottles of white wine to write about for the newspaper column and for here. And, I think one of the joys of appreciating wine is trying new things.

I honestly go long periods of time without a taste of white wine and I’m learning what a disservice that is to my palate. I’ve opened several of those wines lately, bought mostly on recommendations, and I’m loving them.

For example, I had a little bit of rather spicy pasta sauce left over from the weekend and heated that up tonight. I looked at the reds and nothing jumped out of the rack into my hand then checked the white rack and found a Spanish white wine Ashley at Cork & Cracker had recommend.

The Basa 2006 Blanco was a dynamite white wine. And, it’s a great value – you can find it from $9-$12.

This one is one of my favorites of the recent batch; and I’ve liked them all! This wine has a lime/citrus taste with very tart but mild acidity. Many white wines can have overpowering acidity and this is really just right for most people. This white wine has some body too, there is lingering taste in your mouth and it has a silky texture.

As a reminder: I write largely about these specific wines that you may or may not be able to find at your local wine shop. The education point to be made here is try new things. And in this case, try a Spanish white wine – there are many to choose from.

This Basa blanco just rocked – great grape juice!

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