Okay, for some reason I’ve opened a lot of wine this week. It just might be a record for postings in a single week!

That being said, what a way to end the week. I did some gardening, lugging around bags of mulch, soils, and digging holes and was a hungry guy when done. I took to pork America’s Cuts and seasoned both with salt and pepper but one with a smoked cherry rub and the other marinated briefly in beer.

I looked at the wine rack and saw a Spellbound 2006 Petite Syrah I had bought at Cork & Cracker in Indy. This is great red wine for under $15. I found prices online ranging from $12.99 to $15.99!

While not quite a fruit bomb as many Syrahs can be, it was big fruit on the front of the palate with amazingly smooth tannins. It’s an easy-to-drink but big and full-bodied Syrah. One review described it as “big juicy black fruit flavors” and I can’t top that!

In the glass its a very inky dark red wine. It’s great for every day food. It’s not a complex wine but should be really pleasing for those who like a Petite Syrah.

It was a really awesome match with that America’s Cuts pork. This is a really nice glass of red wine!!!!

Now I’m going to grab a couple bites of chocolate, sit on the porch swing, and enjoy the rest of this Friday night!

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