I write in my newspaper column frequently that wine drinkers should find retailers they trust, who can make recommendations they will like and stick with them!

I have about three! And, I recently took a recommendation from Ashley at Cork & Cracker in Indianapolis that was good as it was unique.

I told Ashley I wanted to expand my knowledge of white wines and do some new things. She grabbed an Albarino which I wrote about just a few days ago. Then she said “for something really different” try this Furmint.

That drew the appropriate, “Huh?”

Furmint is grown in Hungary and used to produce dessert wines but can also make a fine dry white wine. I know nothing about it so I’m just going to provide a link to a blog I found which includes copy and a video on Furmint.

The bottle suggested fish or a mild dinner meal and I had it with some simple white fish off the grill. The fish was “so-so” which was my fault, but the wine was really a nice change of pace. I liked it a lot.

My Furmint was a 2006 Royal Tokaji. I got a little apple and oak on the nose and taste. But what is probably the most defining characteristic is how dry this white wine is and the lovely finish which lingers in your mouth. It has some acidity but nothing in the neighborhood of a Sauvignon Blanc or similar wine. It is higher in alcohol than most whites and that’s one of the grapes characteristics. This bottle was 14 percent.

You can find this unique dry white wine for $11-$15. I loved this wine. It’s got the citrus nose, a long finish, and dry enough to satisfy a red wine drinker. If you can find it, buy some and give it a try.

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