I couldn’t resist opening a bottle of Oregon Pinot this week. Having spent two days tasting so much great Pinot Noir last week I found myself aching to again enjoy the senusal aroma and the light touch of fine wine making!

Sorta geeky I know, but it’s how I feel about Pinot Noir.

I mentioned in one of my Oregon postings that I had hoped to taste Scott Paul’s Pinot during my visit to Carlton. The winery was closed and I went on about my business. While awaiting my flight at Portland’s airport back home, I found Scott Paul wine at the “Made in Oregon” shop – post security.

By the way, in many places now you can carry on such things as long as the shop is past the security checkpoint and you have a direct flight or secure connection flight!

I picked up a bottle of the 2007 Scott Paul Martha Pirrie Pinot Noir. It’s the winery’s desire to produce a great Pinot under $30. I’d have to say this one comes pretty close. I believe I paid about $26 at the Oregon shop.

It is a lighter Pinot, for sure, but with a nice and traditional nose that I can just enjoy for hours. It had a screwcap, which I’ve come more and more to appreciate.

It is not the bigger and well-structured Pinots you’ll find in Oregon at the $35-$50 price point but I wouldn’t expect it to be.

With some of these wines, particularly a winery I did not visit, it’s hard to know if they distribute or ship to Indiana. But if you see it anywhere it’s worth your purchase for the price!

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