Many wine afficianados will on occasion refer to a wine as a fruit bomb. Not always, but more often than not, they are not being kind.

A “fruit bomb” simply means a big mouthful of fruit flavor on the first sip of the juice – and often without much going on behind it.

Recently I had noticed Layer Cake Wines in a number of shops, along with some hullabaloo about their arrival.

So tonight I opened a Layer Cake 2008 Shiraz from lower Australia. It’s a bit of a fruit bomb for sure, but not a bad Shiraz for the $14-$18 price range. I thought it was big, chewy, fruity bang to the palate. That was about what I expected from an Australian Shiraz. I would have liked more of the spicy finish that good Shiraz/Syrah is known for but didn’t think this was a bad wine. It also was very, very smooth but was not as dry as I normally like.

I almost always jot down a few notes before writing these entries then check the internet to see what others are saying. There was some pretty harsh criticism of this wine as one-dimensional. I wouldn’t totally agree with that. I think this is probably a nice step for people into Shiraz. It is unquestionably big when you take the first swig but not badly made at all.

It’s hard to call it structured or well balanced with a bit of a wimpy finish, but this is not bad wine. Pretty good stuff. It held up nice to pasta and seems to be popping up in wine stores everywhere. I’d say if you see it give it a try. I’d be curious to hear from anyone who has had the wine and ask you to share your opinions.

If I get a few responses, I’ll share them here!

Here is more on Layer Cake.

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