Just a heads up to regular readers who enjoy or love Pinot Noir.

I’ve been very lucky with my work travel. As a member of the Wabash College Public Affairs staff I travel some to visit with alumni and write and tell their career stories.

Last summer I went to Portland and Seattle areas to do just that. Our alumni magazine publishes those stories the week of March 30. In celebration, I’ll be headed to the Northwest to host a couple of alumni receptions.

The personal part of the trip is that I’ll be taking two days on my own time, and nickel, April 8-9 to visit the fabulous Willamette Valley – home of some of the very best Pinot Noir in the world.

I had two days there last summer and was just blown away by the quality of the Pinot at virtually every stop. Now, this is not wine at the price point I normally write about. It’s higher end Pinot for the most part. But some of the most beautiful Pinot Noir is being crafted in the Valley.

I’m looking forward to going back to a few of the wineries I hit the first time and a few new ones. I’ll be blogging those two days about the Valley and the great Pinot. It will probably be the topic of a future newspaper column as well!

In the photos: Top right is the view down into the valley atop one of the many hills. This was home of Bella Vida Winery. And at bottom left, is a the vinyard and a bottle of wine from Winderlea – a new operation with a very storied vineyard. One of the really cool things in the Valley as opposed to Napa or Sonoma is the owners or winemaker is often pouring the wine in the tasting room!

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