It’s unusual to find a 100% Sangiovese Italian wine that is as fresh and easy-to-drink as Castello di Monastero’s 2005 Sangiovese Toscana!

I’ve admitted here before that I’m not always the best at identifying specific fruit tastes in wines. But I’d defy most anyone not to recognize the strong cherry flavor at the front of the palate in this Italian smoothie. I bought it for $13.49 at Baeslers Market in Terre Haute. (More on that fantastic market in the near future.)

This was about as an easy to drink Italian wine as I’ve ever had. I was impressed. I had it with the leftover, frozen and spicy meat and sauce I made Friday night. It held up much better than the $24 Dolcetto I opened after pouring out the Brunello – if you’ve read the previous post.

This is a nice bottle of Italian wine that would go great with any red sauce dish. At $13.49 it’s a great value. And, I found it at the same price and even cheaper on the internet.

I’ve been looking for a good Italian pairing for my \penchant for pasta dishes. This wine is one of the better ones I’ve had in a long, long time.

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