Cocoa Beach, Fl. – As an old newspaper guy, I just love datelines. Yes, I’m in Cocoa Beach, Florida, taking a few days off.

Sort of sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, (showing my age) the city is known as the home of fictional characters Admiral Nelson and Jeanne – yes, “I Dream of Jeanne.” Cocoa Beach was the home of the NASA astronaut and magical “Genie” of 60s TV fame.

As a matter of fact, “I Dream of Jeanne Blvd” is right next to the beach front motel where I’m staying.

How cool is that?

But, I’m writing a brief entry about La Broia 2003 Soave Superiore. It is a dynamite dry white Italian wine.

I have bought two bottles of it this week to drink in this week’s beautiful and warm Florida weather. The temps are in the mid seventies, with dry air and crystal blue skies. The photo in this blog is from a tiki bar at my hotel looking at the ocean.

Oh, but back to the wine. The wine has subtle flavor of apple and lemon, very dry and very balanced wine. It has a somewhat high 13.5 alcohol content. I think it would hold up great to lighter flavored seafood and is dynamite by itself on the beach or poolside!

It’s a great wine for warm days! I might just go back up Atlantic Avenue before leaving and buy more!

One other vacation note: I visited Kennedy Space Center for first time every this morning and look forward to seeing a night-time shuttle launch Wed. (tomorrow) night from the beach!

Buy this wine if you see it anywhere in Indiana. And, “blink blink” think warm thoughts!

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