Every time I have a nice white wine, I wonder why I don’t drink more of it. I’m unquestionably a red wine kinda guy, but a nice light white on a summer evening or any time of year with fish is a nice change of pace.

I was mildy surprised how much I liked the Tamellini 2004 Soave. Soave is is a light dry wine from the Vento region of Italy. It is the country’s most popular white wine.

This bottle was light with some apricot flavor and a hint of mineral. I’ve written before that I’m not always the best at identifying fruit so I try to stick to what I can pick up so my recommendations aren’t off the mark. There is definitie apricot in this with a very smooth finish.

I was expecting more of an acidic flavor and finish but this wine really was more refreshing than acidic. I had it with a piece of salmon I seasoned with a little dill and fresh lime then seared on the stove top. It worked well together. It probably would be a better pairing with a white fish, but it was a nice refreshing change of pace from all the red I normally consume.

The best recommendation is that I’d buy it again. I’d highly recommend it to someone who wanted something different than a Chardonnay. If you like Sauvignon Blanc, you’ll really like this wine!

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