I get almost giddy (maybe more than giddy) when I find a wine that has quality far beyond its price point.

Let’s just say I’m giddy tonight!

Duck Pond 20004 Cabernet Sauvignon is unbelieveable Cab for the $10.99 price. I bought it on the recommendation of Ashley, proprietor at Cork & Cracker in Indianapolis. (I know I’ve mentioned C&C a lot lately but I’ve bought a lot of wine there lately!)

I have found only a handful of Cabs worthy of such praise that come in under $20. The first was Green Lion’s 2005 Cabernet with the funkly label that will remind you of Beatles’ art. It should. The label artist did some work for the Fab Four.

I found Duck Pond Cab all over the net but couldn’t find an exact replica of the label, which I found odd. It’s Washington state cabernet. Ashley was quick to add how much she loves the Washington Cabernets, and I can add that I know they are usually great values.

This Cab comes from the Columbia River area in Eastern Washington. It is a complex and intense wine which just doesn’t happen normally for $11. It has a big nose and a spicy, woodsy flavor. I think it would pair marvelously with any beef dish or big flavored food. I’m still learning a lot about tannins and this has a strong, but smooth tannic finish.

I’m just blown away by the wine for the price. Find it and buy it if you like Cabs.

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