Sangiovese is such a fickle grape. I have had many Italian wines and always find them some of the toughest for me to characterize. But I love the grape and love it with big and bold pasta dishes

I opened a bottle of 2003 Colle Lungo Chianti Classico Sunday night and finished it off tonight. By the way, this wine held up overnight about as well as any I’ve had of late.

The Chianti was a nice smooth wine with a hint of sour cherry but uber smooth with a nice finish. I was disappointed in the finish of the wine (the taste in the back of your mouth) on Sunday but its much smoother tonight. And I try to never be afraid to admit my ignorance. I couldn’t describe the finish last night. It was odd and definitely a bit sour. Tonight that sour in the fruit is nice, last night it was not.

I also thought this wine was a little tired. A 2003 is not an old wine by any standard, but sometimes these value brands don’t hold up to aging like the expensive Tuscan reds. I didn’t get the fruit nearly as bold as I might normally expect. But, that being said, it was a good glass of wine.

And I got this at a very reasonable price. I paid $14.95 at Jungle Jim’s Supermarket in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was released at $22 a bottle. Additionally, they only made 1,500 cases of this wine.

I’d like to buy a more recent vintage and compare it to this one. But I’d recommend the label for a value Italian wine.

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