I just don’t spend adequate time promoting the newspaper column or blog, but I took an evening this week and did some work and research.

I has happy to find a couple of Indiana-based blogs and a couple more referred to me by some Hoosier bloggers. I linked Charles’ Indiana Wine Blog on the left column here. He writes about Indiana wineries and wine. It would be a great resource when you head to the grocery or Indiana wine shop to buy Indiana product. Also would be great if you plan some winery visits.

He responded and put me on to a couple of other blogs. David Honig, Indianapolis, writes two blogs that are very interesting and a little different. Honig’s first effort is 2 Days per Bottle. In that blog he takes a wine and compares the taste from the day he opened the bottle to how it tastes 24 hours later. It’s a really great read.

His other blog is equally unique, though perhaps for the only real geeky wine drinkers among us. It’s called The 89 Project. If you are into wine then you’re familiar with Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast’s 100-point rating scales. The magic number always seems to be those 90-point-plus wines. Everyone wants them. But what happens to those 89 point wines? They’re often the same price point as the 90-pointers, and how can one subjective point make a difference? Well, that’s exactly what Honig and other wine bloggers and journalists do in The 89 Project. They review 89 point wines.

Finally, is one of the great wine blogs you’ll find anywhere and that is Hoosier Jeff Lefevere’s Good Grape – A Wine Manifesto. His blog has been recognized by regular readers as one of the best. And if you haven’t Google-searched wine blogs, there are hundreds and hundreds of wine blogs out there.

Good Grape is a sophistcated, fun site with a whole lot going on. Give it a look.

Happy reading and sipping!

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