A quick note to regular visitors to Grape Sense – A Glass Half Full.

I’m really getting into this and decided my columns and periodic musings need some order. I have created a separate blog (see Grape Sense in left column) for just the newspaper columns. I will use this space to write about the wines I’m drinking and my wine ruminations.

Grape Sense will be just the newspaper column. That helps me out when introducing the column to new newspapers. And if you missed one earlier, they should be much easier to browse through now!

It was exciting for me to know Seymour and Terre Haute started the column last week. It was even more exciting to get an email from a distant relative of the Bogle family still living in Jackson county. Bogle makes a decent supermarket brand.

I was thrilled to get three emails from the Terre Haute region. One reader wanted some Indiana winery advice and the other some wine suggestions. The third was a “wine guy” for Beasler’s Market which has a nice wine and beer selection. I exchanged a couple of e-mails with a great guy who helps manage their wine selection. I plan on making a Saturday visit soon.

But I do appreciate the feedback. Keep the email coming! And, (a plug) if the newspaper column is running in your community let the editor know you appreciate it!

Thanks – Howard

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