Tempranillo is THE wine grape in Spain. I became a big fan of Spain’s tempranillo-based wines 2-3 years ago.

The wines are a great alternative to Cabs and Merlot for steak, or about any food really! The good ones have an herbal nose and similar taste characteristic. The great ones have a silky taste in the mouth and on the finish.

I was on a wine-buying binge this past week in Indianapolis picking up wines at three of my favorite stores. At Cork and Cracker, at 62nd and Keystone, it was actually other customers who pointed me to Twisted Oak’s Tempranillo.

The shop owners had convinced me to buy a bottle of TO’s Cabernet this summer. It is still in my wine rack. But when 2-3 different, unrelated folks say its a great wine – in a great wine shop – then that’s good enough for me to try it.

I had not planned on opening it so soon, but Sunday night my curiousity got the best of me. The 2005 Tempranillo was one of the best bottles of wine I had opened in several weeks.

It was rich and smooth and it does go down with a silky finish. Wine Enthusiast gave this wine 90 points. It retails anywhere from $19-$24. I paid $23.

It’s a great buy at that price and worth checking out.

By the way, Twisted Oak has a great and fun website. Check it out here.

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