Since the day I converted this blog to just writing about wine, I’ve been in a “Malbec” sort of mood. I do that … going from varietal to varietal in a 2-3 week or month period.

Several weeks back I picked up a bottle of Malbec Rose’. I have had rose’ made from almost every imaginable grape, but didn’t recall having a Malbec version.

I bought it for the novelty, and knowing I love Malbecs, and then today learned it was from a very prominent winemaker in Argentina’s Mendoza Valley. And, the winemaker is also known as one of the country’s top female producers.

Crios by Susana Balbo (2008) was the wine I brought home for Thanksgiving. Reisling, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Noir are often recommended for your Thanksgiving picks and those are great choices. But if you want to be a little more original try a dry Rose’ with the turkey.

Again, the wine was a 2008 – a very young wine. It had a typical Rose’ nose of strawberry. And for a wine at 14 percent alcohol it had little burn. It was very easy to drink and a wine I wouldn’t hesitate to serve guests.

From Susana on the bottle: “meant to be enjoyed during its vibrant youth” is how Balbo introduces the wine. Old-vine malbec grapes create a richer, spicier wine than most other rose’s from around the world.”

I enjoyed this one a lot. It’s smooth, yet a rich and balanced mouthful of wine.

It’s very affordable too. I bought this bottle at Village Bottle Shop in Lafayette. With these type wines the price varies wildly. I paid under $10 for this bottle but I found it on the internet at around $12.

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