Yes, I’ve pretty much restricted my blogging to wine but great wine goes best with great food. I had an experience Nov. 7 in Cleveland which must be shared.

While there in Cleveland for a Saturday Wabash College football game, I was able to dine at Lola’s in downtown on Friday night. Lola’s is owned by Food Network Star and Celebrity Chef Michael Symon.

Four of us ordered different entres and desserts and all were raving about the food. I started with a cauliflower and almond soup. The white cauliflower was carmelized then pureed. It was poured at the table over a mixture of bacon bits, some herbs and raisins. With each bite you got a different sensation. With the bacon the soup was so savory but then with a raisin it tasted sweet. It was a masterpiece.

I had the black bass entre. The fish was perfectly prepared with a very crispy skin on a bed of saffron potatoes with a few mussels and clams in a lobster bisque type sauce. My friends enjoyed duck, lamb and steak all with similar rave reviews.

I’ll keep this simple – I’ve had the pleasure of dining at some top restaurants, but none surpassed Lola’s.

Oh, you have to try their french fries – yes fries, but in this case ‘Lola Fries.’ They take the thinly sliced fries and cook them in bacon fat, they are then rinsed with olive oil and given a heavy dose of Rosemary seasoning. At first I thought they tasted fatty, (duh) but soon the four of us were reaching, elbowing and grabbing at the remaining Lola Fries.

I had a glass of mediocre Sancere (French Cabnernet Sauvignon) that was ok. But the dinner was five star.

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