Pinot Noir is often a wine drinker’s wine. It’s hard to grow and even harder to turn into good wine.

I have a serious growing love affair with good Pinot Noir. One of the problems is a good Pinot under $20 is hard to find. Actually, it’s near impossible to find a “good” one. But I have found some I like.

New Zealand is making some great, and realitively inexpensive Pinot Noir. I wrote a few blog entries back about Dashwood which I would highly recommend.

I recently picked up a bottle of Piko from the Mass Ave. Wine Shop in Indy and found it a nice bottle of Pinot for the price range. Now, you serious wine drinkers will think of it as a ‘fruit bomb.” For the novices, that means you’ll probably love it.

The rich berry and plum flavors are very “forward” … it’s like a mouthful of jam – unusual for a Pinot but not a bad way to get introduced to the wine. The grapes come largely from the wildly successful Marlborough valley area.

I’ve seen this priced form $16-$20. I believe I paid $18 for it. This or the Dashwood would be a reasonable introduction to Pinot Noir. It’s big and fruity with good Pinot characteristics.

Give it a try!

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