I’ve been on a real Malbec kick lately, and don’t see an end in site. I’ve now bought 3-4 bottles of 2007 Sediento Malbec/Bonarda produced by Lanzarini Vineyards in Argentina, the Mendoza region.

Kids – this wine rocks! An unbelievable price for a smooth wine that soft enough for novice drinkers, but still bold enough to satisfy those who want a big red wine taste.

The wine is a 50/50 Malbec and Bonarda blend. Again, Malbec is a great blending grape from France and the Bordeaux region that has really flourished in South America. Bonarda is the most widely planted grape in Argentina. It’s believed to have come from Italy, though there are disputes about its origins.

Nonetheless, at face value you get a grape from two of the best Old World producers – France and Italy.

The wine is super smooth with a a big fruit forward taste and very little after taste of tannins (bitterness) in the back of the mouth. The wine snobs would call it very “approachable.”

I had the wine with some kicked-up pasta and it held up great. It would be great with grilled beef or big flavored foods.

The other note with this wine is that it would be a great introduction to bigger flavor but still smooth to the taste.

I paid $11 for this wine at Mass Ave Wine in Indianapolis but have a hunch you might even find it cheaper at a big warehouse wine spot. But even at $11, it’s a fabulous buy for a great little wine.

I’m going to buy more!

I couldn’t find a link or label image anywhere on the net. It’s a bold red label .. with Sediento in large type. Find it … buy it .. and you’ll enjoy it!

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