Malbec is a treasure if you’re looking for something other than a Cabernet or a Merlot. As a matter of fact, many wine pundits will tell you Malbec is a nice wine “in between” a Cab and Merlot. I’d agree!

I had a really decent inexpensive Malbec this week that you should try. Maipe, from the Mendoza region of Argentina, is a great bargain. I’ve had a lot of nice inexpensive Malbecs and this was one of the bests for the price.

Malbecs are often described as “silky” smooth and this one is no different. There is not a big fruit flavor up front that you’ll get from some other wines, but it’s a rewarding glass of wine.

I’d also serve this to people who are not big wine drinkers normally. It does not have big tannins – or the bitterness that occurs in the back of the mouth with many Cabernets.

I’ve read mixed reviews online, but mostly positive. It’s easy to drink at a supermarket price. It’s a very dark purple that stains the wine glass (until you rinse it at least).

I’d be comfortable serving this with anything off the grill, pasta, or maybe even a nice winter stew of some kind.

I paid $14 for this bottle at a very nice little shop in Columbus, Ohio, but have seen it on line for as little as $10. Give Maipe Malbec a try – it’s a real value wine!