I’ve been off work for a week and had a couple of experiences I should have written about, but alas – it happens.

Second, I’ve had a number of people tell me the link for this blog didn’t work when they first tried it – so I guess I need to ‘modestly’ re-send it to friends and co-workers!

But I’m writing today – again – about wine. I’ve bought several dry Rose’ this summer and none better than one I picked up Thursday evening at the Massachusetts’ Avenue wine shop in Indy.

It’s an absolutely fabulous granache-based Spanish Rose. From Cruz De Piedra and Calatayud. I couldn’t find a web page for the winery but did find several hits to buy the stuff.

I had purchased two Tavels (the holy grail of Rose from the lower Rhone valley in France) a few weeks ago that were so-so. This wine had a nice fruit taste but retained the characteristic dry finish. The back side had no bitterness, it was a great, great summer evening wine. I had chilled it pretty good – which I’d recommend.
The best part? I only paid $9.99 for it. The Tavels, as I recall, were $16 and $18 each.

If you haven’t tried Spanish wines you should try some Crianza Temperanilla from the Roija region. It’s great redwine that will hold up to steaks or drink alone year round.

But the best summer evening chilled wine of the summer is Crus De Piedra Granache 2006 Rose!